The Ketogenic Diet & Keto Supplements: Saving Your Health and Your Budget

Hi everyone, welcome to another keto blog post.

I thought I would bash out a post about how much money I am saving by being on ketogenic diet.

Interested to save on food and on Ketogenic Supplements?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about how your budget and food choices and ketogenic supplements are changing as well.

When I first began Keto, my family weren’t following a plan like I was. I was still cooking for my partner and his three boys and also my three boys. It was the Brady Bunch to say the least. (blended families are big work). I knew my prtner was deficient in Magnesium. Lauren, from in her best keto supplements guide showed that: “due to magnesium-depleting meds and over-reliance on processed foods, a number of people is at risk of developing a magnesium deficiency”

I would feed the lads all manner of processed foods like pasta, bread, potatoes, pizza, anything to fill them up and keep them out of the fridge. I was spending upwards of $80 to $100 dollars just on fruit and veg and even more on dairy, meat, packets of noodles, pre-prepared bottled sauces & cake mixes, you name it.

If it looked like they (the tribe) would like it, I bought it.

My grocery bill varied in total, including exogenous ketone supplements, averaged about $350-$400 dollars per week.

I started meal planning and buying in bulk, I even had to buy a special freezer so I could store all of the pre-prepared meals I was making, including the cakes and biscuits and puddings that the boys always wanted, and I loved making treats for them.

Some of you may be horrified by this next statement, but because the boys would raid the fridge so often, my partner put a padlock on it, just so the kids wouldnt eat all of the “good stuff” at once. I even had to hide a lot of the special foods that we consumed on weekends like chips and soft drink because they would disppear into thin air.

As the boys got older and began to do thier own thing, the need for me to create so many meals went away and I was able to keep the costs of groceries down to a more sustainable level. We were still buying processed rubbish though and something had to give.
It was very hard to stick to a ketogenic diet when the cupboards were still full of flour and sugar, bread and pasta. So…. I decided to make a sweeping change to mine and my partners diet.

You will not believe how much sugar I found in my pantry.

I had white sugar, brown sugar, muscavado light and dark. I had molasses, artificial sweetners (not sugar but still toxic), golden syrup, treacle, pretend maple syrup, jams & marmalades…. in all I threw out over 15 kilos of sugar and many jars of sugary products.

I truly could not believe I had that much sugar. I should have taken a photo. I was pretty appalled as to why I had or needed that much sugar.

Next came the grains and wheat products. I had bags of differing types of flour: rice flour, cornflour, custard powder (cornflour), whole wheat, self raising, soy flour, quinoa flour. Over ten kilos.

The rice was next to go as was the tins of legumes and tomatoes which have added sugar as well. Pretty much anything that I found to have hidden sugars went in the bin or was given away.
Vegetable oil was binned, full of toxic seed oils . We also ditched the chips & cracker products.

My cupboards were pretty bare now and my partner stood staring into the pantry and said sadly “whats for tea”. It was quite funny seeing the look on his face.

So here’s where you will save money on a ketogenic diet.

Stop Buying Processed Food Products.

If the food you are eating (I use the term food loosely) comes in a box, it is highly likely to contain high fructose corn syrups, vegetable oils and other sugars the manufacturers dont have to name. Just about everything in the middle sections of your supermarket contains hidden sugars, seed oils, fillers and chemicals, artificial flavourings, texture altering chemicals and preservatives. They are also screaming with high levels of carbohydrates. Not good on a keto diet.

These processed products that are so heavily marketed to you and your children are devoid of nutrients and the money you spend on them is contributing to making you sicker everyday and lining the pockets of big business.

The meat section is shameful.

Minced meat made for example is up of the waste meat and trims, that are then treated with ammonia gas to kill the salmonella and E.Coli Bacteria. Its called pink slime. YUK.

I stopped buying my meat at my local supermarket when the Woolworths butchery staff member couldnt tell me what was grass fed. He said ” we only know if it is grass fed if it says it on the box”. So.. everythig else is grain fed. Sorry Woolies, not good enough.

Trans fats. If you weren’t aware by now, trans fats are the biggest food processing disaster in food manufacturing history.

Trans fats are responsible for premature heart disease in over 100 thousand people in the states and many more around the world, including Australia. Stay away from margarine…. it is pure rubbish.

Interesting fact: one of the 17 ingredients in MacDonalds fries is the same product that goes into feed lots to stop the cattle losing weight… hmmm food (or not food) for thought. Heres the link.

So, I found a butcher in Brisbane’s north that sells ONLY grass fed meat and butter, and even pork crackling that they make themselves. Not only is the meat delicious and well priced, I can make my Ketogenic Bone Broths and stocks from the marrow bones they sell. The also provide double cream and cheese. Deagan Bulk Meats. Great staff and service.

By not wasting money on all of the heavily processed foods in my supermarket my budget has come down over 50%. True.

I now spend, approx $20.00 on low carb veggies and leafy greens, we dont buy fruit as it is concentrated sugar. I do have a pack of frozen berries to serve with double cream, but very rarely do we eat desserts. It’s not because I am so strict with my ketogenic diet, its because I simply do not crave sweets anymore. The same goes for takeways (big rip off, heavily marked up prices to eat crap food), we simply don’t crave them anymore.

I spend the another $120.00 on grass fed meat, cheese, salmon, avocadoes and really nice seafood.

If we want takeaway type food, I make pizzas with almond meal, desserts from eggs, cream and coconut and some nights we dont bother cooking and have some sushi style salmon with cream cheese and herbs.

The changes in your eating behaviours when you undertake a ketogenic diet are quite dramatic. Because I don’t want or crave rubbishy food I am saving loads of money.

But I love to cook I hear you say. My foodie streak is satisfied by all of the terrific low carb, high fat meals and treats I can conjure up in my kitchen. There are stacks of Ketogenic books to give you ideas. Heres an excellent book to start with.

Keto Adapted by Maria Emmerich

Lastly I have to mention, the most surprising thing of all is my partner has taken to eating keto with gusto. He is often found coating chicken fingers in egg, coconut and parmesan for snacks, or cooking the fish he catches in Moreton Bay and coating it in coconut also. He often is seen making (and scoffing) devilled eggs for his lunches. Bruce doesn’t miss bread at all and has lost his man cans, (sorry Bruce, he he).

So see what changes you can make to your weekly shop, save money on the rubbish and spend it on great meats and healthy REAL FOOD.

Leave a comment below and tell me how you have saved money or changed the way you eat.

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