Mobile Modern Cleaning Technology

With technology constantly growing it is vital to find the company that fit your goals and objectives.

Carpet Cleaning Technology in Lansing

We will clean your carpets according to carpet makers’ specs. This defined cleaning is needed to keep your service warranties undamaged.

Hot water extraction is the approach needed by manufacturers of residential carpet. We are likewise trained in other cleansing methods. Each approach has it’s advantages and drawbacks. Unless otherwise requested, I will use the maker’s recommended technique.

We keep up to date on the current market equipment and cleansing techniques. For your home, we use the most effective and most safe cleaning services offered.

Upholstery Cleaning in Michigan

We are found a great and skilled company providing carpet cleaning in Lansing MI and also other services such as upholstery change and renovation. We can securely clean up cotton, rayon, wool, silk and all of the synthetic fibers. We will pre– test the material and advise you on what can be safely done and what results you can get out of the cleansing.

The sturdiness and condition of the upholstery material will identify the approach and method we will use for cleaning it.

Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning

Let us eliminate you of one of the more undesirable upkeep chores in your home in Lancing. Spare your tooth brushes and knees by letting us brighten your ceramic tile and grout. We will bring back the natural beauty of your tile and grout rapidly and economically utilizing a specially developed tile and grout cleansing service with state– of– the– art cleansing devices.

When cleaned we can use sealer to the tile and grout to protect it’s like-new look.

If you are selling your home, we highly recommend having your tile & grout cleaned for a low– expense way to include sparkle and shine!

Other Services

  • VCT (vinyl structure tile) Floor Strip, Wax, Burnishing
  • Marble & Stone Floor Cleaning and Polishing
  • Wood Floor Cleaning, Buffing, Recoating
  • Location Rugs Cleaning

Protector: The material defense on both carpet and upholstery will diminish due to utilize. Protector can be applied right away following the cleansing. I utilize the best and most safe items for the carpet and upholstery being dealt with.


‘Tuned In’ Fast Car


JVC have pulled out all the stops with their 2006 head-unit range, and the KD-G521 is one of my faves. It packs a 4×50 watt(peak) built-in amp, two 2.5v pre-outs, MP3 playback capability and the all important iPod compatibility (with JVC’s optional KS-PD100 adaptor). As well as these features it boasts a front panel mounted 3.5mm jack which acts as an auxiliary input, allowing you or your mates to jump in the car and hook up their MP3 player. With its well spec’d features list and eye catching looks this innovative is a great buy.


This was one of the most expensive looking units on test. The simple design makes the KD-G821 easy to use with an intuitive button layout making it nice and simple to use whilst driving. The USB memory stick port on the right hand side of the unit is a really sweet feature – this allows you to save your favourite songs to a USB memory stick, plug it into the front of the unit and then listen whilst you drive. Slick. You can also upload pictures and short movies to the unit allowing them to be displayed on start up and shut down. Impressive.

As if all of this isn’t enough, there’s also three pre-outs, two for front and rear, plus a dedicated sub-out all producing a 5v signal making this great for system building . Sound quality wa extremely impressive – loud, clear and well controlled. My only complaint would be the unit’s reproduction of top-end sound, with high notes being a touch bright.

With its jam packed features list and sorted sound quality the JVC KD-G*21 is the deserved winner of our test. For £200 you’re getting a hell lot of head-unit for your money.

Fast Car Winner:
Sound Quality: 9/10
Looks: 8/10
Features: 9/10
Pre-outs: 9/10
Overall: 35/40

What is it?: A single DIN head unit with built in monitor, DVD drive and everything you need for a multimedia set up.

First Impressions: I used to have the predecessor to this unit – the KD AVX1 – and I loved it, so when I heard they were releasing this new version I was looking forward to getting my hands on it. The first thing I noticed was how the monitor now dominates the face of the unit. The size has been upped to a more watchable 3.5″ and the picture is crystal clear. The same general button layout has been kept over from the X1, as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Features: This unit is fully loaded with every feature you could ever imagine. A built in 5.1 decoder allows you to utilise surround sound from DVD’s while formats such as DIVX, DVD Audio, DVD Video, DIVX Ultra, MP3 and WMA are all supported. My favourite feature is the fact that you can burn 4gig worth of music to a DVD in seperate folders and you can just stick it in the slot…who needs a multichanger ever again! Another add-on from the X1 is the fact that it is now iPod ready too. To be honest if I was to list all features here it would take up about 4 pages so check out the JVC website for full details!

Sound Quality: This unit sounds fantastic, it’s that simple. Whether you are listening to a CD, DVD or MP3 files you will be blown away by what you hear. A 192kHz/24bit Audio DAC ensures fantastic music reproduction.

Ease of Use/Installation: Everything is in the one box, which makes it as easy to fit as any other head unit. Simpply connect your ISO plugs and away you go. General operations are very simple too thanks to the excellent on screen menu and the supplied remote control. The layout of the fascia is very clean and clear and leaves no confusion as to what every button does.

Overall: The AVX1 was my favourite head unit of all time… until now! The AVX2 is that good it deserves the first ever F&M 10/10